About us

Southern Lakes United Football Club was formed in 2011 out of community need for a professionally run organization for the expanding local population and the changing status of football in Australia and the world. The club is run by qualified professional committee members who are here to assist players and parents to enjoy the world game. Membership is conditional upon approval of the committee and your participation in the running of the club (only a few hours per year). This involves compulsory activities such as canteen duty, being a ground official, assisting with working bees, or being a manager/coach and attending one committee meeting to maintain your voting rights. Member participation is vital for the smooth operation of the club and will reflect in player enjoyment. 

Club Vision

Southern Lakes United Football Club provides members of the community with an opportunity to learn and compete in the world game under a professional club structure. Players are guided by qualified coaches under a modern playing and coaching philosophy to achieve their best. Working together the committee and its members provides pathways for all players to achieve their potential and help raise the standard of Australian football.