posted Jul 2, 2011, 9:57 PM by Registrar Southern Lakes UFC
Thanks to everyone putting team reports in, this report from Phil McCaig, the coach of our under12's should be read by everyone.It is a testement to the passion our coaches display towards their team, reading it produced a lump in my throat and a swell of pride within!
" Today the U12's had the audacity to try to climb Mount Olympus and challenge the Greek Gods of football, " The Mighty Hamilton Olympic ", at their own home ground. By Zeus what a game. The under 12's were accepting no Trojan horse gifts and avoided all tricks offered up by the Olympic attack. They had decided it was time to Meet the Spartans. Doggedly they stuck to the task and played not like a bunch of snotty 12 year old kids, but like professionals who were up to the task, and prepared to go toe to toe with the a team that until now has remained unchallenged in the competition. Today was to be the first day this season that Hamilton Olympic would not be able to sing the victory song that has tormented their opponents. Today Hamilton Olympic were out of voice.I am loathed to single out any players from what was above all a magnificent display of team spirit and determination, however I must make mention of the outstanding effort made by our Captain of the day
Cameron the atomic flea. He looked exhausted after the game and gave everything in what was a virtuoso performance. I also have to mention the god of long flowing hair " Our Kevin " who is the only goal keeper
to keep a clean sheet against Hamilton this season. Kevin was magic between the sticks. I have hardly any voice or any nails left to bite after today. This game was well worth the price of admission. Hamilton Olympic to their credit are a good football side who tries to play the
game the way it should be played and they never gave up threatening our goal. However they could not find our Achilles heel. We had chances of our own and in the end the nil all result was fair to both teams. Well done to all who played today, I am sure all the parents are very proud of the effort their children put in today. I know I certainly am!"